Audio Post Production

TheWorkRoom's world-class recording studio facilities deliver audio production, creative sound design and studio direction for TV, cinema & radio advertising and film. Our award winning sound editors offer a depth of expertise in all aspects of sound recording, mixing formats from 5.1 to Dolby Atmos™, sound design, ADR and Foley recording.


TheWorkRoom is the premier ADR studio in South Africa. Our stages are equipped to handle local, Source Connect or Zoom ADR sessions. We provide a choice of audio and visual cueing systems, support all time codes and video formats as well as provide the widest range of boom and lavalier microphones available. We support all major spotting platforms reducing required setup times.


Experienced loop groups and loop group leaders speaking English, Afrikaans, all South African vernaculars as well as other African and several foreign languages are available through our production team. Loop group rates in South Africa compare favourably to the rest of the world.


Our main stage is the first Dolby Atmos HE 9.1.4 enabled facility in South Africa. Whether you require complex immersive feature sound, a 3D commercial or Spatial Audio for Apple or Tidal. We provide Dolby Atmos™ mixing and mastering to Dolby ADM BWF as well as Binaural.

Source Connect Pro

Our studios are fully equipped to record audio to or from almost anywhere in the world via Source Connect Pro Extended. Our studios support timecode locked multi channel link-ups up to 7.1. We have an extensive tested network of suitable studio partners available from our Partner Directory. Contact us should you require any assistance in setting up a long distance recording.

Foley & Location Recording

TheWorkRoom provides Foley and custom SFX recording services for film and television. Our SFX libraries can be viewed here. We also facilitate remote recordings for litigation, legal hearings, and proceedings as well as supply transcriptions thereof.

Audiobook Production

Having recorded thousands of spoken word productions over the years. With 4 studios, a team of narrators, producers, editors, and check listeners we bring your stories to life. The team prides themselves on curating every aspect of production from casting to booking the perfect voice for your project.

Audio Restoration & Forensics

We employ the world’s premier tool sets for restoring and repairing audio or historical recordings. Our processes isolate and eliminate audio artifacts like tape hiss, scratches, clicks, crackles and hums as well as unwanted production elements like wind, microphone bumps, brushes and extraneous noises without compromising the original content. We provide forensic audio restoration services to enhance audio from poorly recorded sources such as mobile phones, or tapes for use in litigation, hearings or mediation.

Voice Casting & Translation

Delivering the right voiceover is a postproduction service that TheWorkRoom has been successfully providing clients for years. Whether it’s the end line on a commercial or the lead character in an animated movie, we can assist. Our database provides over 12 000 local and international voice over artists. Dialect, language supervision and translation services are provided in English, most foreign languages and vernacular.

Dubbing & Localisation

Our dedicated team of dubbing mixers and coordinators have the necessary skills to handle large-scale localisation and centralised mixing projects re-versioning many projects per year for the local or international markets. Our efficient workflow pipeline allows us to handle everything from full 'lip-sync' dialogue replacement, closely recreating the quality and tone of the original audio, to simpler 'UN style' voice over and audio description. We work closely with some of the top translation providers ensuring your script is accurately re-created, or respectfully adapted.

Music Composition

Based in South Africa as well as the UK, our composers come with over 75 years of experience in arranging and recording music for feature film, media and advertising. Our producers specialise in music supervision whether through production music searches, commercial licensing or bespoke compositions and film scores.

Game Design

We create a unique sound identity that will reinforce your game. Thanks to Foley, Sound Design, Voice Recording and Interactive music composition, we give life to your game universe and offer emotional feedback to the player. Our sound designers develop unique sound assets based upon upfront collaborative work and ongoing project management.


We employ the most sophisticated media industry firewalls, undergo frequent vulnerability testing and make use of several industry guidelines (TPN & MPAA) to provide comprehensive digital and physical security. We are a Fox, Apple Studios and Amazon Studios approved vendor as well as a Netflix NP3 certified Partner.

Data Facilities

TheWorkRoom is equipped to provide high-speed data transfer facilities through industry approved security transfer protocols with servers located within South Africa and internationally. Efficient data transfer allows us to dramatically improve post production workflows and the feasibility of multi-facility, multi-time zone projects.